What’s a Milksafe? It’s a milk bottle protector!

milk bottle protector

Milksafe is the only purpose made milk bottle protector that guards against cats, birds, frost and the heat of the summer sun.

The optional lock will also deter thieves.
is a convenient store for milk bottles, when they are either full or empty.
Milksafe holds between 4 (standard size) to 8 (special order) glass bottles.

All sizes can be made to order – please ask.
We manufacture Lockable and wall hung Milksafes and have also introduced our **Deliverer friendly version.

Order now from our secure online store at milksafes which accepts most credit cards, PayPal and takes cheque orders too.

Solid Construction
A Milksafe body is constructed in 9mm, long lasting birch plywood (grade B or S, often specified for boats). This has excellent weather resistance and is designed to last.

The lid is coated in high grade roofing felt with stainless steel staples, it is fixed with 2 brass hinges. The weight of the lid is enough to protect the milk bottles from prying birds and animals.

The lockable Milksafe is left unlocked until loaded, then with a twist of the lock it will lock fast. The householder then opens it again with a key.

The Wall-Hung model is held securely by two screws e.g. into brick.milk bottle protector

Internal dimensions (approx.)
Side to side: 325mm
Front to back: 97mm
Lots of other sizes are available: see our order online page or please ask.

Prices from…
Standard 4 bottle Milksafe:
Untreated £71.99

Treated £79.18*
Bottles hidden + £2.40
*N.B. The inside of your Milksafe will also be treated. Photos show treated models.

The optional lock offers protection against larger animals (foxes, etc) and also deters theft.milk bottle protector The genuinely high quality lock is supplied with two keys + £13.79milk bottle protector

Freestanding option + £2.99

**Deliverer Friendly
version with shelf.
This has a separate shelf for empties which allows your Deliverer to place milk bottles into your Milksafe in one action + £13.20

Thermal jacket – a high technology liner equal to 50mm thick polystyrene, that’s easily removed and wipe clean. +£8.19

Order now from our secure online store which accepts most credit cards, PayPal and takes cheque orders too.

Or by calling us direct:
01743 247 242

When ordering please specify:
1) Free-standing or Wall-Mounted/Milkman friendly
2) Bottles seen or hidden
3) Treated or untreated (treated strongly recommended)
4) Lock – yes or no
5) Plus any other special requirements* (e.g. thermal jacket, other size, padlock hasp, etc)

Delivery in UK from around £13 dispatched within 28 days (often 10 working days)
Enquiries for bulk priced orders welcomed!
Prices correct on July 1st, 2020 – please see our online store for correct up-to-date prices and offers.

To make an enquiry use the Contact Us page or email us directly if you prefer.
*Prices on request.